Taiwan United States Alliance Ambassador Scholarship Program

The 2018 TUSA Ambassador Scholarship Program June 11 – August 7

Applications Due: February 15  for Early Admission and March 31 for final consideration

The Taiwan-United States Sister Relations Alliance (TUSA) Summer Scholarship Program is an Ambassador program that launched in 2005. The annual program provides students from the United States a unique opportunity to improve Chinese language proficiency, appreciate global issues, and increase intercultural connections between the United States and Taiwan. TUSA Global Ambassadors are expected to act as goodwill advocates for both the United States and Taiwan wherever opportunities present themselves.


  • Ideal applicants are American citizens with a high motivation to learn and good moral character
  • Full-time student at a U.S. college of university
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4-point scale
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from college professors
  • All levels of Chinese (Mandarin) proficiency are acceptable; there is no requirement of prior language experience

Intensive Chinese Language Classes:

  • Student will be divided into several levels depending on Chinese language proficiency test
  • Daily small group lecture and drilling class
  • One-on-one personalized instruction class
  • Conversation or Global Issues Discussion Class
  • Classes taught in Hanyu Pinyin Romanization and traditional character

Cultural Courses and Activities: Hands-on experiences in traditional tea culture, Chinese cuisine, and Chinese medicine

Cultural and Language Exchange: One-on-one language exchange with volunteer students of National Cheng Kung University, who will serve as liaison to learn Taiwanese culture and society

To apply,  submit your own online application no later than February 15, 2018 for an early admission decision and by March 31, 2018 for final consideration


Presidential Internship Program at the American University in Cairo

Established in 1981, the Presidential Internship Program at The American University in Cairo (AUC) provides recent university graduates the opportunity to spend an academic year working at the highest levels of an international university, learn Arabic and experience life in Egypt.

Work and Available Offices:

Participants intern full-time in one of eight university offices, working in a range of fields including University administration, sustainability, finance, student development, advancement, communications, and more. A detailed list of these offices can be found on their website. More offices may be added in the coming weeks, so please check the website. This program provides recent graduates the unique opportunity to begin their professional careers while abroad.

Program benefits:

  • monthly living stipend
  • furnished faculty housing
  • private Arabic tutoring
  • access to AUC faculty and staff programs
  • community-based personal development
  • subsidized trips around Cairo and Egypt, and more.


The program is looking for a diverse array of applicants from a wide range of American universities, including students with no background in Arabic or Middle Eastern Studies. Potential applicants should view the attached brochure (Attached Brochure) and visit the website for more information on the program and how to apply. In addition, visit the Facebook page and blog to learn more about living and working in Egypt.

**The application is due January 22, 2018.**


Internships and Training Programs

Bolivian Express BX77


Debating whether to go travelling or get work experience instead? Now you can do both.

Bolivia Unlimited is a social enterprise based in La Paz, Bolivia offering 1-3 month residential training programs designed to introduce participants to print journalism and documentary production through internships in an international working environment. There are also  Spanish immersion programs, for those looking to learn or improve their Spanish whilst enjoying a cultural experience outside of the mainstream. Bolivia Unlimited was founded in 2010 by Bolivian journalists and Oxford graduates. Since then, over 270 talented individuals from 30 countries have worked, creating 77 issues covering everything from politics and art to football and gay parades. 


BX Magazine – Print Journalism Programme

You will research and write your own articles and/or put together photo essays. You will be given extensive editorial support, as well as help with the production of your pieces, also taking part in designing the magazine. During the week you will take lessons in Spanish, journalism and photography, and will also attend newsroom sessions. The magazine is distributed for free across Bolivia and online for the rest of the world.


BX Doc Unit – Documentary Production

You will investigate, shoot and edit your own 3- to 5-minute documentary short. You will work with Bolivia-based video professionals, using professional equipment and editing software. During your stay, you will learn the basics of mini-documentary making, with production and theory classes, as well as one-on-one guidance. The shorts will be distributed through online platforms.


Is it Right for You?

You have an observant eye and inquisitive spirit. Spanish is helpful but not essential. Graduates, current undergraduates and year-abroad students are all welcome; we assign responsibilities in line with experience and reserve spaces for the uninitiated. Working with us you will be immersed in the local environment and, with our support, will get a chance to explore sides of the country largely undiscovered by tourist masses. Your dream career does not have to be journalism; Bolivian Espressos (as former BX interns are known) are sought after by universities and a range of employers for their international experience, level of intellectual engagement and initiative.


BX Spanish and Spanish Plus – Spanish Language learning

You will attend Spanish classes at a local language school, providing a crash course in language learning. With Spanish Plus, you will also receive guided immersion around La Paz with our teachers, allowing you to practise your skills outside the classroom. With both programmes, you will improve your speaking and written language skills, whilst being connected to the vibrant cultural organisation that is Bolivia Unlimited.


Is it Right for You?

You have a desire to converse in another language and an interest in discovering a new culture. You seek a learning experience not limited to verb tables and vocabulary tests. Graduates, current undergraduates and year-abroad students are all welcome; whether you are a complete beginner or have a faint memory of Spanish GCSE, all levels are encouraged. Come and learn language how it should be learned – interacting with native speakers and putting skills to the test in real life, everyday situations.  



Up to eight participants are accepted every month, and as entry is oversubscribed (especially for the summer months), you should apply immediately if this is for you. A number of previous participants have been able to secure college funding to cover part of the programme and travel expenses involved.

More details are available in the attached information sheet, and on the website, where you can also read past issues and apply:



Intern and Study in Germany; Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange


The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) is a fully funded fellowship opportunity and is currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 program year.

It is a fellowship funded by the German Bundestag and U.S. Department of State, that annually provides 75 American and 75 German young professionals, between the ages of 18-24, the opportunity to spend one year in each other’s countries, studying, interning, and living with hosts on a cultural immersion program.

The program consists of three phases:

  • Two months of intensive German language training
  • Four months of classes in one’s academic or career field at a university, technical or professional school
  • Five-month internships in one’s career field

CBYX is open to candidates in all career fields who are interested in a year of academic, professional, and cultural exchange.


  • U.S. citizenship
  • Ages 18-24 at the start of the program
  • High school diploma
  • Must exhibit clear career goals and relevant experience in their career field
    • Experience can be in the form of work, internships, or volunteering
  • Strong interest in German and world affairs
  • Prior German language knowledge is not required, but is preferred

To Start the Application Process: Request an Application

All applicants must complete an online application and submit all supplemental materials by December 1 for the program year beginning the following July.



Japan Exchange and Teaching Program

Interested in teaching and working in Japan after graduation?

Come find out about the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program, a Japanese government program aimed at promoting grassroots international exchange.  JET offers two types of positions: Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) who help teach English in primary and secondary schools, and Coordinator of International Relations (CIR) who help coordinate international programs in city and town halls throughout JapanJapanese language proficiency is NOT required for most positions.

The JET Program Coordinator from the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit will present an overview of the program and discuss the application process for positions that start in the summer of 2018.  

The application deadline is November 9, so for those of you who have already started your application, this is a great opportunity to get any questions answered before submitting!

Date: Friday, October 6, 2017
Time: Noon1:30 PM
Location: Weiser Hall 455, 500 Church Street
JEt program.png

Critical Languages Scholarship with Department of State

What?  The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program is an intensive overseas language and cultural immersion program for US citizens offered by the Department of State. The program includes intensive language instruction and structured cultural enrichment experiences designed to promote rapid language gains.  CLS is part of a wider government initiative to expand the number of Americans studying and mastering foreign languages that are critical to national security and economic prosperity. CLS plays an important role in preparing students for the 21st century’s globalized workforce and increasing national competitiveness.

Who is it for?  First-years, sophomores, and juniors interested in studying the following languages:

Azerbaijani, Bangla, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Punjabi, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu: Beginning, advanced beginning, intermediate and advanced levels; no prior experience required

Arabic and Persian: Advanced beginning, intermediate and advanced levels; minimum one year of experience required.

Chinese, Japanese, and Russian: Intermediate and advanced levels; minimum two years of experience.

Deadline?  November 15th

More Information? https://lsa.umich.edu/onsf/scholarships/international-scholarships/critical-language-scholarships.html

Summer Language Study with the Critical Languages Institute

The Critical Languages Institute (CLI) at Arizona State University’s Melikian Center is pleased to announce the opening of admissions for its 2018 summer language and study abroad programs.
a65158d5-88dc-4461-b462-67213b9f7442.pngCLI offers intensive courses in 11 critical languages and study-abroad programs in 7 locations. Participants earn 8–13 credits and cover a minimum of 2 semesters of material.

All participants pay a flat fee of $1,500 (plus study-abroad fees if applicable) instead of tuition.
CLI also offers generous financial support, including:

  • Title VIII Fellowships for graduate students;
  • Project GO Scholarships for ROTC students;
  • Melikian Scholarships for Undergraduates and non-students;
  • ASU Jewish Studies Scholarships for Hebrew;
  • Birks Scholarships for Polish; and
  • Berkowitz Scholarships for Albanian
Program Features:
  • Small classes
  • Language coaches and tutors
  • External proficiency assessment
  • Cultural programming
  • Grant mentoring
  • Career planning workshops

Visit http://cli.asu.edu for details.

Priority admission and funding application deadline: January 26, 2018

Languages include: AlbanianArmenianBosnian/Croatian/SerbianHebrewIndonesianPersian,PolishRussianTurkishUkrainianUzbek