Kobe College (Nishinomiya, Japan) is hiring an ESL teacher for 2018-2020

Kobe College (Nishinomiya, Japan) is hiring an ESL teacher for 2018-2020. This is an excellent private school near Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto that has been recognized  by  the  Japanese  Ministry  of Education and  Science  for  offering  one  of the very  top  English  language  programs  in  Japanese junior high schools. Please see the attached for more information; applications available at https://www.kccjee.org/about2
The application deadline is July 20, 2017 and the position will start April 1, 2018 (so December graduates and recent alumni would be eligible). 
For more information contact:
 Jeanne Sokolowski
Director, Office of National Fellowships
University of New Hampshire
Hood House 207
89 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824

Hiring Passionate Activists to Defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

U.S. PIRG is a consumer group that stands up to powerful interests whenever they threaten our health and safety, our financial security, or our right to fully participate in our democratic society.

Right now U.S. PIRG is fighting to defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) from legislation that would gut Wall Street reforms and destroy the CFPB as we know it.

The CFPB is the first federal agency devoted to protecting consumers in the financial marketplace. You may recall that in in 2016 the CFPB held Wells Fargo accountable for unfair treatment of its customers. The enforcement action the CFPB took against Wells Fargo was one of many times the CFPB has required banks and other financial companies to pay fines and compensate customers for wrongdoing.

In order to mobilize widespread support to protect the CFPB, U.S. PIRG is hiring people who are passionate about advocating for our citizen’s best interests.

U.S. PIRG fellows work hard to advocate for the public interest — whether it’s by developing campaigns, building coalitions, mobilizing and organizing the public, showcasing our work online and in the media, or making our case directly to decision makers.

Learn more about our full-time positions on our website.

Work with Environment America Think bold? Work hard? We’re hiring.

Environment America is hiring summer field organizers to help us fight global warming!

2016 was the hottest year ever recorded. And in 2015, 72 U.S. cities had more than 100 days with dangerous air. At a time when we need to be moving forward to protect our health and climate, President Trump and the Congress are moving backward – dismantling dozens of important environmental protections. This summer, Environment America will be building public support in politically critical states across the country to defend against attacks to our air and climate. We’ll organize to guard against rollbacks to the Clean Air Act, clean car standards, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Job Description
That’s where you come in. Environment America’s summer field organizers will work to generate media attention, mobilize hundreds of citizens across their states, and build diverse coalitions of organizations and opinion leaders to push for action. Our summer field organizers will also spend two weeks working with our citizen outreach offices to recruit new members and raise money through canvassing to support the campaign.

This position begins in May and ends in August. Our summer field organizers will have the opportunity to apply for a career position with Environment America at the end of the campaign.

Columbus, OH
Washington, DC or Richmond, VA

There will be a week-long training in Washington D.C. near the beginning of the campaign.

Compensation and Benefits
Target annual compensation for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional experience and/or advanced degrees that a candidate has. Environment America offers a competitive benefits package.

Summer Field Organizing is an incredible opportunity for both experienced and brand new organizers who want to gain skills in environmental activism and organizing. We offer an excellent training program and work to place our organizers with organizations working for change after the summer campaign.

We’re seeking applicants who are ready to commit their time, talent and passion to advocating, organizing and fighting for the environment. We look for smarts, academic excellence, and an eagerness to learn. We value leadership experience of all kinds, especially organizing, grassroots outreach and building campus groups.

Click here and apply!

The Fund for the Public Interest – Summer Jobs

My name is Evan Park (epark@fundstaff.org) and I’m the Recruitment Director for the Fund for the Public Interest’s Ann Arbor office. The Fund for the Public Interest is a national, nonprofit organization that runs grassroots campaigns for America’s leading environmental and public interest organizations. We work alongside groups such as U.S. PIRG, Environment America, Human Rights Campaign and Fair Share on a wide range of campaigns, including reducing global warming pollution, getting big money out of politics, protecting public health by keeping our antibiotics safe and effective, and investing in early childhood education.

We currently have paid full-time positions working weekday afternoons and evenings for students and career opportunities for graduates. I’ve copied links to apply or learn more for interested candidates below.

Job application link: http://fundforthepublicinterest.org/jobsthatmatter_p.html
Website link: http://www.environmentmichigan.org/home

New Peace Corps Volunteer Openings Available

Opportunities Around the World

The Peace Corps is accepting applications for hundreds of positions in 47 countries with departures in winter and spring 2018. Find an opening that fits your skills and interests, or choose to serve where you are needed most.

Departures in January, February, and March 2018:
Apply by July 1 | Know by September 1

Departures in April, May, and June 2018:
Apply by October 1 | Know by December 1

Apply early for the best chance to serve in the country and program of your choice.


Serve Where You Are Needed Most
Learn how you can make the biggest impact by applying to serve where your skills and experience are needed most.
Friday, May 5
3 to 4 p.m. Eastern

Application Workshop
Ready to submit your application? Have your questions answered and gain tips for the application process.
Thursday, May 11
7 to 8 p.m. Eastern

WorldTeach May Program Updates!

New WorldTeach Summer Professional Development Program in India

WorldTeach summer programs offer a unique combination of local cultural immersion and skills development. All programs feature the specialized and accredited Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) professional development program. This is a globally recognized certification program enabling a host of international job opportunities post-graduation.

WorldTeach India – Learn how to advocate for climate justice for the migratory communities at the foothills of the Himalayas. You will live in stunning Ladakh with a local monastery or family, studying the impacts of climate change, while ensuring that communities have access to technology skills and English. Apply by May 15th with departure in early July.

WorldTeach Summer Program Resources

Coastal Ecuador Teaching Program – Apply by May 12th

Improve your Spanish skills while exploring the beautiful coastline of Ecuador. WorldTeach is excited to announce an immediate opportunity to volunteer as an English teacher in K-12 schools along the coastal region of this magnificent country. Operated by the Edificar Foundation, a partner of WorldTeach, and the Ministry of Education in Ecuador, the program recruits quality applicants to begin in June 2017. Interested? Email coastalecuador@worldteach.org to begin your application or click here to learn more! Apply by May 12th!

WorldTeach Climate and Ocean Education Symposium

WorldTeach is concerned about how we are harming the future with our collective, negative impact on the world’s ocean. WorldTeach wants to do its part to promote awareness and protect the coastal and marine ecosystems.

We all depend on the same ocean. It is the very “foundation of human life” according to the United Nations’ Convention on the Law of the Sea.

This is why WorldTeach has teamed up with Stevenson School and the Monterey Bay Research Aquarium Institute (MBARI) to offer the first Symposium on Ocean and Climate Education. Please consider joining from June 19th-23, 2017 in Pebble Beach, CA as we learn about the latest in marine and climate science, and are guided in using data to educate our own communities about the fate of our ocean. Invited guests include field researchers from Stanford Hopkins Marine Station and representatives from environmental and education agencies in the Marshall Islands, American Samoa and Micronesia.

The Symposium partners are generously contributing their time and resources to this effort, enabling us to price this conference at cost for $350, including meals, accommodations, outdoor excursion, and all symposium fees. Here is a brochure with more information. To register, email to indicate your interest to symposium@worldteach.org before May 20th.