For students and prospective students who are interested in the field of International Studies at the University of Michigan.


The Program in International and Comparative Studies (PICS) seeks to be a focal point for the interdisciplinary study of issues that transcend borders. We encourage students and faculty to broaden their horizons while they deepen their knowledge of particular cultures and political, economic, and social contexts. We administer one of the fastest growing and largest undergraduate programs on campus in the form of both a major and minor as well as fellowship support for students and faculty.

General Information

Find information about courses, lectures, internships, global opportunities and more! This space provides a forum for students to learn about International Studies at Michigan as well as ask questions and discuss and share information with others.

Follow this link for advising information: https://webapps.lsa.umich.edu/AdvAppts/AA_StuSelfSvc1.aspx?ctgy=CICS

Following this link for study abroad funding information: http://www.ii.umich.edu/pics/fundingresources/undergraduatestudents


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