Global Advocates Fellowship

As we work through the first quarter of 2017, we are more impressed than ever before by the incredible impact our Global Advocates have had around the world. We strive to facilitate a true partnership between Advocates and our partners, and the results of these partnerships have been incredible – since we began the program, we’ve seen a 407% increase in projects completed at our partner sites, a 2,071% increase in lives impacted and a 573% increase in local people employed. To all of our past Advocates, thank you for work you put in to become the empathetic servant leaders this world needs.

Due the the huge impact of this program, we couldn’t be more excited to kick off Class 13 with more placement options and global partnerships than ever before! Class 13 will begin June 8th with a bootcamp in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are looking for Advocates with experience or skills in:

  • monitoring and evaluation
  • financial literacy
  • program design
  • permaculture and design
  • public health
  • storytelling
  • education
  • community outreach
  • grant writing

We are planning to embed Class 13 Advocates with Summits Education in Haiti, The Chain Collaborative in Nicaragua or Uganda, Common River in Ethiopia, Flying Kites in Kenya,  El Árbol del Niño in Guatemala, the Queen Elizabeth Academy in Tanzania and more.

Class 13 applications are due April 15, but the sooner you apply the sooner we can begin your interview process. Please email with any questions or concerns about the program or application.

Last but not least, Class 12 is now officially in the field! Megan is in Kenya working with the Akili Girl’s School and OLPS to support sustainable agriculture initiatives, Julie is in Tanzania working with Glorious and White Orange Youth, and Julia is in Uganda at the Suubi Health Center. Follow their blogs for stories and updates on their projects.

With Gratitude,


P.S.  Want to talk to a Mama Hope staff member to learn more about the program? Sign up for one of our webinars by emailing Webinars will be at 5:00 pm PST on March 13 and 12:00 pm PST on March 17


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