Jobs with Impact

Impact is hiring campaign organizers to work full-time to protect our environment, our democracy and our future.

We’ve extended our application deadline to March 18thClick here to apply.

Let’s take global warming. What problem could be bigger or more profound? It’s a ticking time bomb for life on the planet. So how do we defuse it?

We need America to continue to be a leader on reducing emissions linked to climate change. President Trump has indicated that he plans to get rid of protections that reduce carbon emissions from power plants and has said he will not follow through on the Paris Climate Agreement.

So, Impact organizers will be on the ground in 25 states to mobilize businesses, faith leaders and citizens to demonstrate the commitment to keeping our promises on climate change, and transitioning a sustainable, renewable energy economy.

Let’s take clean water. What could be more obvious, right? We need clean water to live. So how do we prevent more problems like the recent big chemical spill in West Virginia or the massive toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie, both of which left hundreds of thousands of people without clean drinking water?

For starters, we fight to protect the Clean Water Act. So our team of Impact organizers will work hard to counter the polluters’ pressure by mobilizing more than 1,000 business owners, local elected officials, farmers and other influential voices.

This is the kind of work Impact does every day. YOU can be part of the solution! Click here to apply for a campaign organizer position before it’s too late.

Impact was created by leading advocacy organizations like Environment America, U.S. PIRG and the PIRG Campus Action project. We build the grassroots action and power it takes to make an impact on important issues.


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