Fellowship Opportunities – Upcoming Application Deadlines

National Fellowship Program for Asian American Organizing and Civic Engagement
The National Fellowship Program for Asian American Organizing and Civic Engagement develops the leadership of a new generation of activists and organizers who are deeply invested in building the power of and improving the lives of working-class Asian immigrant communities. Running from June to August, the fellowship program provides 10 weeks of intensive training, ground work, and reflection. Apply by February 12, 2017Find out more.

Dream Summer Fellowship
Dream Summer participants engage in social justice work and movement building by addressing the intersections of immigrant rights issues with queer and transgender communities, the Asian Pacific Islander community, mass incarceration and deportations perpetuated by the criminalization of people of color, and health care access for all. Participants are placed in social justice organizations for 10 weeks for additional training. Dream Summer fellows work closely with their host organization to incorporate and strengthen the inclusion of undocumented immigrant issues onto the organization’s social justice work. Apply by March 10. Find out more.

Millennial Public Policy Fellowship
New America is seeking enterprising, mission-driven young adults to work on the next big public policy challenges facing their generation. We invite applicants with a strong interest in public policy to apply for a competitive and paid fellowship in Washington, DC. Candidates must be 24 years old or under at the start of the program. Apply by April 3, 2017. Find out more.

Maddy Institute Wonderful Public Service Fellowship
The Maddy Institute Wonderful Public Service Fellowship aims to foster the next generation of Valley bi-partisan leaders and problem-solvers by helping San Joaquin Valley students obtain their graduate degree from top graduate programs and return home to apply what they have learned to make the Valley a better place. Qualifying graduate programs include Public Policy/Public Administration, Urban Planning, Social Work, or Business. Apply by February 24, 2017. Find out more.

BEST Diversity Program
The BEST Diversity Program is funded to serve undergraduate students who come from backgrounds currently underrepresented in Biomedical and Public Health research: racial minority, socioeconomically disadvantaged, physical/mentally differently abled. Includes $2,800 stipend, travel costs, and 8 weeks of housing and food in New York. Apply by March 1. Find out more.


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