Programs with City Internships

City Internships

Twelve Cities. Nine Industries. Three Programs.

– Global Explorer Program. Summer only.
The Global Explorer Program is our flagship and centers around an immersive eight-week internship in your chosen industry. You’ll attend Career Navigator and Future Leaders Series classes and workshops and enjoy group and travel.

– Global Accelerator Program. Summer only.
For those with a specific career in mind, the Global Accelerator Program starts with two weeks of intensive industry-specific classes, followed by a six-week high-impact internship. It is otherwise identical to the Global Explorer Program. Select from courses in Investment Banking, Digital Marketing, Coding & Design or Business Development & Sales.

– Global Explorer Program: Vanguard Edition. Fall, Winter & Spring only.
During the academic year, we offer a semester-length program; the Vanguard Edition of the Global Explorer Program. The Vanguard Edition is best for students, graduates or early career-changers. This program is perfect for students interested in year-round internships with access to our market-leading online classroom-based sessions and support network.

See upcoming programs:

Students may select from 12 cities:
New York, Boston, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris (limited spaces), Washington D.C., Sydney (limited spaces), San Francisco, Austin (full for summer 2017), Miami or Hong Kong (full for summer 2017).

Navigate to our Locations and Programs page to make your selection and learn more.

And choose an internship from 9 industries:
Banking & Financial Services,  Marketing, Advertising & PR,  Consulting & Professional Services,  Technology & Engineering,  Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship,  Entertainment, Media & Journalism,  Law & Politics,  Art, Fashion & Design,  Charities, NFPs & NGOs.

The 2017 Prospectus and Syllabus for each program are available for download online.


Learn more about financial aid, tuition rebate and speak with alumni.


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