Invitation to the 4th annual Midwest Model European Union hosted by Indiana University

Created in 1993, the Midwest Model European Union (MMEU) MMEU is the second oldest intercollegiate simulation of the EU in North America. Every April, more than 160 college and university students meet in Bloomington, Indiana, to decide the future of the European Union. Playing the roles of prime ministers and presidents, ambassadors and commissioners, ministers and diplomats, they spend three days discussing contemporary policy issues, resolving disputes, building compromises, and charting the course of European unity.  From Thursday afternoon through midday Saturday, students introduce, discuss, and reach decisions on EU policy. National leaders provide overall direction and ministers work out the details of policy. Commissioners and their director-generals give direction to foreign and security policies, the single market, eastward enlargement, the development of the euro, and further EU integration.

Though role-playing, students don’t just absorb information about the EU, they live it.  By traveling to a single location and meeting teams from around the country, they interact with others who are as passionate about politics, international affairs, and European studies as they are.  Over the course of our program student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “This was a superb learning experience which brought together everything we’d been studying in our class on European integration,” commented one recent Indiana University participant. “It was a real eye-opener. I’m looking forward to participating next year.”  Furthermore, faculty advisors have found this event incredibly beneficial, “The Model EU is really the high point of my various classes dealing with European politics, both for my students and for me” said Jonathan Olsen, a faculty advisor for the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

The next MMEU will be held in Bloomington on April 20-22, 2017.  Registration forms are due by January 23, 2017.  Learn more at or contact Liese Hilgeman, Institute for European Studies Assistant Director at or 812-856-3832. Please note that the registration fee for each team is $150. Registering early will ensure we will have space available for your team.


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