Impact Job Opportunities. Application Due 11/13/16!


Organizers with Impact work hard to create the grassroots power that it takes to make an Impact on important issues.

Click here to apply, the fall application deadline is November 13th.

Let’s take clean water: When most people think water pollution, they picture discharge pipes spewing industrial waste. The reality, however, is that waste from big factory farms is the fastest-growing threat to our waters. If we want corporate agribusiness to clean up its act, we have to help the public connect the dots. Impact organized events earning coverage for an exposé on the issue in 57 newspapers, radio stations and TV stations.

Impact puts a premium on running smart, strategic campaigns—campaigns with concrete goals, detailed plans, rigorous training, and above all, a laser-like focus on results.

You could find yourself:

  • Connecting with health or consumer groups to join our coalition to stop antibiotic overuse,
  • Speaking in a church basement or at a town hall meeting on 100% renewable energy,
  • Organizing a news event on water pollution from factory farms, or
  • Meeting with an editorial board about any of these issues.

YOU can be part of the solution! Click here to apply for a campaign organizer position before it’s too late.


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