Michigan Ross Master of Management Program


The 10-month Michigan Ross Master of Management enhances your degree in liberal arts, science, or engineering with business fundamentals for a powerful combination recruiters love. But, first things first. Before you start an epic career powered by a Ross MM degree, you’ve got to take the first step — applying to the program!

Read below for some handy application tips to help you make a great impression.

If you’re not early, you’re late.
This is one time you can’t afford to be fashionably late — we anticipate a very competitive pool of candidates, so completing your application by mid-November is your best bet. Which brings us to our next tip…

It’s all or nothing.
We can’t review your application until we receive all of your materials — which is often delayed by the two required recommendations. So don’t procrastinate! Fill out your application ASAP so your references don’t have to rush. (Yes, we realize we’re reiterating the first tip. Did we mention to apply early?)

Score some points.
Email the GRE or GMAT score you receive when you leave the exam to Ross Admissions (RossMMinfo@umich.edu). Then, if you’re admitted, send the official score to the University of Michigan. Similarly, unofficial transcripts will suffice during the application process, but we’ll need the real deal (provided by the registrar’s office of your undergrad institution) if you’re admitted.

Set goals.
What are your post-grad goals? Knowing where you want to go career-wise will help you write a more compelling essay. Think about how an MM from Ross will put you on track to achieving your goals.

Start your application »

Regardless of your career path, the Ross MM Program is here to help you leverage the power of business to make a positive difference. If you’re ready to become a leader who inspires others and delivers outstanding results, visit our website or contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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