Opportunity for Students to Publish in Yale Undergraduate Academic Journal


The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Economics and Politics is a new interdisciplinary publication from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. They publish articles related to economics and political science, and seek submissions from academics, professionals and students from around the world. The inaugural edition will be released in November of this year!

Opportunities for students to publish scholarship are few and far between, even though they author a sizable amount of high-quality research. The journal believes that students should be given a fair shot to publish the work they produce, as published work can give students a big leg up in the hunt for fellowships, internships, and jobs.

The journal reaches a wide audience. With an online format that will be easily accessible worldwide, the journal provides a unique platform for authors to share their ideas with readers at universities, think tanks, and government agencies. Copies of the fall issue will be sent out to academic departments and organizations around the country in order to maximize the exposure of the author’s work.

The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Economics and Politics accepts submissions of any length, as long as the subject matter is topical.  Possible submissions could include research papers, essays, articles, and theses, written for either a class or an independent project. The deadline to submit a paper for our fall issue is October 14th, 2016, and authors  are asked to submit their work via the website, YaleUJEP.com.



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