Political and Environmental Internships with Impact


Are you ready to make an Impact?

Impact is a non-profit program of leading advocacy organizations, including Environment America and USPIRG – We work in states where we can win positive change for our environment, our democracy and our future. We work on big issues that matter like global warming, clean water and the influence of big money on our democracy. We are hiring interns to work with us on the ground to create the grassroots energy and power that it takes to win! Interns will have the opportunity to participate in national campaign briefings and activist skills trainings, all while getting in-state experience and mentorship from their lead campaign organizer.

The Media Intern will:

  • Write letters to the editor and op-eds
  • Analyze our media outreach at key times throughout the semester to determine which sources generate the most applications; Recommend changes to the media strategy accordingly
  • Manage media outreach
  • Generate applications through our media presence
  • Build our media presence creatively

The Digital Recruitment Intern will:

  • Expand and budget online advertisements based
  • Analyze our digital strategy at key times throughout the semester to determine which sources generate the most applications; Recommend changes to the digital marketing strategy accordingly
  • Manage social media outreach
  • Generate applications through our social media presence
  • Build our social media presence creatively

The Canvassing Intern will:

  • Organize and plan events on campus
  • Analyze our outreach at key times throughout the semester to determine which sources generate the most applications; Recommend changes to the canvassing strategy accordingly
  • Manage canvassing and volunteer outreach
  • Generate applications through our on-campus presence
  • Build our on-campus presence creatively

Experience for Social Change Careers

An internship with Impact gives you the training and the skills you need to land a job in the social change movement after graduation. Candidates with internship experience are highly considered for our full-time positions after graduation.


Internships with Impact are un-paid. Students may receive academic credit from their college or university. Impact will also participate in college work-study programs. Interns work part time (10-15 hrs/week) or full time (25-30 hrs/week). Interns will participate in national campaign briefings and trainings while getting in-state experience and mentorship from their supervisor.


We are looking for people who are organized, responsible, have good written and verbal communication skills, and are able to take initiative on projects.

How to Apply – apply online at weareimpact.org

A completed application includes the following:

  • A one-page personal statement describing your reasons for seeking an internship with Impact and what you hope to gain from the experience
  • A resume outlining your educational, professional, and volunteer experiences

About: This fall, we are working on a Global Warming Solutions campaign on behalf of Environment Michigan.  Here is a quick summary of the campaign: From droughts and wildfires in the west to super-storms and heat waves in the east, 97% of Americans live in a county with at least one weather-related disaster in recent history, 40 million in counties with at least 5 such events. 2016 is already on track to be the hottest year ever on record with the 7 months thus far setting new temperature records (https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/climate-trends-continue-to-break-records). A recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed that global temperatures are not only the highest on record, passing the 1 degree Celsius marker, but global sea level is at its highest level, and glaciers retreated for the 36th straight year. Global warming is happening now and it’s hitting at home, from deadly floods in the east to wildfires ravaging the West coast. To lead the world in preventing the worst impacts of global warming—and stop short of climate catastrophe—the U.S. needs to cut global warming pollution to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

That means limiting carbon pollution from largest source the in the USour power plantsand shifting to 100% clean energy.

The good news is that Environment America has been working to cut global warming pollution across sectors for decades and the progress we’ve made in the states has paved the way for major federal and international progress in the last several years.

In 2002 we helped persuade California to adopt the first-in-the nation standards for global warming pollution from tailpipes. Building off that success Environment America and our state affiliates convinced nearly a dozen additional states to adopt the same standards. Using that momentum we helped lead the call for national standards, which President Obama announced in July 2009 to double how far cars go on a gallon of gas.

In August 2015, President Obama issued a final Clean Power Plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants 32 percent by 2030, after receiving 8 million public comments from Environment America and our allies. When implemented, this will be the biggest single step any nation has taken to cut global warming pollution. While by itself it is still far from what we need to prevent the worst impacts of global warming, it is an historic step in the right direction.

At the same time fossil fuel companies and their allies in Congress and state governments are doing everything they can to retain the dirty-energy status quo.  With legislative, judicial and public attacks, the biggest polluters are running a massive campaign to trash the Clean Power Plan and are trying to block President Obama from cleaning up dangerous carbon pollution. In February 2016, the Supreme Court issued a stay of the Clean Power Plan, which allows states to pause implementation until the polluters’ legal fight is over. Despite this, several states have indicated they will move forward with implementation and we need more governors to stand up and commit to taking bold climate action.  Right here in Michigan, that means calling on Governor Snyder to support the Clean Power Plan through targeted grassroots action.

Why work with us?

#1: Training

You learn from some of the best in their field and work right alongside them.

You become part of a well-trained team that knows how to work together to make a bigger impact.

#2: Field

Often, the difference between winning and losing is “field,” or the people power you can build.

Thanks to our years of canvassing and organizing, we have supporters in all 50 states, with over 5 million donors and activists.

#3: Results

If you add it all up – great training, a strong field presence, a wide array of social change strategies — you get a track record of accomplishment that’s second to none.


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