Student Job Posting for Digial Modules on Community Engagement Project

Working Title:  Project Coordinator
Classification: Student Coordinator II
Temporary staffing, up to 12 months
Starting in July/August 2016
Ending in April 2017, with possibility of continuing into May/June
Hours: 8 to 12 hours per week
Salary: $12 to $15 per hour, depending on experience

Project Title: Using Digital Modules to Holistically Prepare Students for Sustainable Community Engagement

About the project:

Each year, thousands of University of Michigan graduate and undergraduate students take part in various community-oriented engaged learning experiences locally, nationally, and internationally. Without thoughtful and intentional preparation and debriefing, well-intentioned but poorly-prepared students are potentially harming populations and themselves, and they may be negatively impacting future opportunities for collaborations within and beyond those communities. Through the collaborative synergy of five campus units, we propose the development of a digital toolkit that identifies and personalizes instructional modules for students participating in global and community engagement. These modules will be carefully crafted to meet the rising demands of students engaging with communities independent of University partners. They will support the entire engagement lifecycle (pre, during and post experience) and give students the opportunity to share their work with others.

Role description:

Under the direction of the Project Manager and committee co-leaders, the Project Coordinator will play an important role in managing the logistics, coordination, and organization of the project. The role will begin in July/August 2016 and end in April 2017, with the possibility of continuing until June 2017. Exact start and end dates are negotiable.

Responsibilities include:

  • Schedule meetings for the committee, prepare meeting agendas and minutes, and facilitate communication amongst project stakeholders.

  • Assist in coordinating content development of instructional modules by engaging in research of existing best practices and scholarly knowledge, University standards and policy, and local and global expertise.

  • Participate in writing and editing modules, ensuring consistency of voice, tone, and style.

  • Assist the committee in determining the best platform and instructional design for the instructional modules (within University guidelines), utilizing scholarly research, user group interviews, focus group data, and best practices.

  • Coordinate focus group interviews and user interviews with stakeholders by setting meetings, taking notes, and organizing logistics.

  • Assist in the development of project needs assessments and project evaluation, amongst any other identified needs or tasks for project success.



  • Sound understanding of intercultural theories and practices.

  • Knowledge and/or experience with international and/or domestic community engagement.

  • Very organized, adept and experienced at managing large projects with competing priorities and various stakeholders.

  • Strong communication skills, specifically written (project memos, content development), facilitation (meetings), and oral (public presentation).

  • Ability to work in an ambiguous work environment.

  • Self-starter, able to manage projects and tasks autonomously.

  • Experience with qualitative data collection methods and/or user research methodology (specifically focus groups and interviews).


  • Knowledge of University digital innovation practices and guidelines.

  • Knowledge or familiarity with instructional design practices, with a focus on individualized or tailored messaging.

  • Technical skills and knowledge, specifically an understanding of cloud-based instructional tools (ideally WordPress and Learndash plug-in).


Please send resume and statement of interest (or cover letter) to by July 22, 2016.


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