Paid Summer Campaign Jobs and Internships with Environment Michigan!

Interested in spending your time creating social change? Want to take on big agrichemical companies and stand up for our food system while getting paid, learning new skills, and making friends?

Well you can get paid to work on environmental issues with Environment Michigan and the Fund for the Public Interest this summer- sign up to learn more info here.

Environment Michigan is hiring for several campaign jobs in our Ann Arbor office! They have paid full time canvassing jobs and un-paid part time internships available. This summer help us work to protect our waterways, fight climate change, and save the honey bees!

Millions of bees are dying off, with alarming consequences for our environment and our food supply. We rely on bees to pollinate everything from almonds to strawberries to the alfalfa used to feed dairy cows. What happens if the bees disappear? It’s simple: No bees, no food.

Right now, we’re letting big agrichemical companies use more of the chemicals that are known to kill bees just as we’re in the midst of an unsustainable die-off in bee populations. That has to change. Now.

Join this summer to join Michiganders together to call on the EPA to declare a nationwide moratorium on the use of bee-killing neonics.

Click here to sign up to find out more! Call 734-559-3187 or email with any questions.


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