Latin America Volunteer Internship Opportunities For Students

There are several available internship opportunities through AIESEC, a non-profit international organization established 1948 with the goal of connecting collegiate students to volunteering and interning experiences abroad.

Though it is not a requirement to speak any other languages besides English for these opportunities, students in the International Studies department would be a perfect fit for these positions because they are globally-minded individuals.

They are currently looking for students graduating this December to fill various teaching volunteer experiences in Mexico and Peru, which start January or February and last six to twelve weeks.

The information of the opportunity in Mexico is shown in the picture above and the information for Peru can be viewed here:

Students may apply to these positions or read more about our organization here: . Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis but they are officially due next week on December 14th. Please contact Amy Zhao if you have any questions!

Contact Information:
Amy Zhao
Vice President – Global Citizen Program
AIESEC at The University of Michigan
Mobile: +1(248)-881-0578 Skype: amyyzzz
Book a Meeting:


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