European Parliament Washington – Internship

The European Parliament Liaison Office (EPLO) is pleased to announce the launch of its spring round of internships designed for US citizens who have completed their bachelor degree which will take place Monday January 18th – April 15th, 2016 in its Washington D.C. Office with a possible extension in Brussels and Strasbourg. We are also pleased to inform you that our internship program is expanding: from January on we’ll host 6 interns as opposed to 4 in the current scheme.

Please note that the deadline to submit applications is November 15th, 2015 at midnight(Eastern time). Two letters of recommendation directly sent by a faculty member are also required.

The candidate should also indicate which of the portfolio assignments they seek: research, international trade/TTIP, financial services, counter-terrorism/data privacy, and energy/environment/health.

Jean-luc ROBERT
First Counselor

European Parliament
EP-US Congress
Liaison Office in Washington

About the European Parliament and its DC Office (EPLO)

The European Parliament opened its Washington Liaison Office in January 2010 to meet the growing need for contact on legislative issues between the US Congress and lawmakers at EU level. It is no coincidence that this came after the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2009, which gave the European Parliament full legislative powers within the European Union, comparable to those of the US House of Representatives. The Lisbon Treaty also gave the Parliament power in a far wider range of policy areas than had been the case before. Legislators on both sides of the Atlantic increasingly recognise that a transatlantic dialogue is essential to ensure that new rules are not adopted without prior knowledge of standards being set elsewhere in the world. Six interns will be accepted in the office, two of them will work specifically with our research department, while the other four will cover the following portfolios: international trade/TTIP, financial services, counter- terrorism/data privacy, and energy/environment/health. Each intern will also hold a regional portfolio. In addition, one intern would be responsible for the office’s social media. A team of 12 European Parliament senior staffers is now stationed in our DC Office charged with creating and fostering working relations between parliamentary committees and their Congressional and regulatory counterparts in the US government.


Our DC offices are located at 2175 K Street, NW, in the same building as the European Union Delegation. Our European headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium and in Strasbourg, France.

Opportunities for EPLO interns

 Working with staffers on a chosen policy area;

 Focusing on an area of process, such as comparison of procedures between the House of

Representatives and the European Parliament;

 Concentrating on media as well as internal and external communications;

 Developing an individual project of your and our interest by utilizing the resources of the EP and the expertise of your fellow EPLO staff members;

1 Depending on European Parliament and academic calendars (precise timing TBD).

 Analysing legislation and the policies that are vital for the transatlantic EU-US relationship;

 Preparing working papers and memos for the EP Headquarters;

 Preparing and assisting the Office in managing visits of European Parliament Members;

 Participating in our meetings with major interlocutors on Capitol Hill, executive agencies, and think-tanks.

What might you gain from an EPLO internship?

 Familiarity with policy-making, both in the US and the European Union;

 Networking opportunities with senior staffers liaising directly with Congressional members;

 Advanced knowledge of global governance dealing with global issues;

 A chance to combine theory and practice in your chosen area of speciality and potentially laying the basis for your Policy Analysis Exercise;

 Access to the European Parliament intranet and databases;

 Experience working in a truly multinational European team, currently 11 nationalities – you may also practice your linguistic skills;

 An opportunity to learn by doing;

 Overall: a career-enhancing experience leaving you better-equipped for a future role in politics, international organisations, NGOs or the corporate sector.

Application process

Please submit your Europass CV2 by midnight on November 15th, 2015 (Eastern time) and a 500-word statement of interest. Be sure to indicate which of the portfolio assignments you seek: research, international trade/TTIP, financial services, counter-terrorism/data privacy, and energy/environment/health. Please indicate any relevant professional experience in social media, if applicable. Two recommendation letters directly sent to us by faculty members are also required. Please address your application to: EPLO – Internships, 2175 K Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20037 or e-mail


A monthly allowance (€1212) and reimbursement for possible travel to Europe will be granted.


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