Internship Search Game Plan

Action Steps

Step One:  Conducting a Self-Assessment

  1. Talk to other PICS students or alumni who interned at an organization of interest
  2. Make appointments with professors who share common research or vocational interests
  3. Investigate and join campus groups and clubs
  4. Attend PICS speaker and alumni events
  5. Build resume (part-time job, volunteer)
  6. Make a schedule/calendar
  7. _____________________________________________
  8. _____________________________________________

Step Two:  Investigate Career Options

  1. Check out resources and opportunities on the PICS Blog and UM Career Center
  2. Develop and update a contacts spreadsheet
  3. Attend conferences/workshops/fairs
  4. Conduct informational interviews
  5. Read relevant journals or other publications; investigate professional assns.
  6. Join LinkedIn and PICS LinkedIn Group
  7. Investigate LinkedIn profiles of people who work for orgs of interest
  8. Create accountability group with peers with similar interests
  9. _______________________________________________
  10. _______________________________________________

Step Three:  Develop Marketing Materials

  1. Develop resume
  2. Write cover letters/statements of interest
  3. Order business cards
  4. Practice interviewing (UM Career Center)
  5. _________________________________________________
  6. _________________________________________________

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