The Idealist Virtual Grad Fair

The Idealist Virtual Grad Fair is an online event where you can learn about admissions requirements and application deadlines for grad schools in fields including in social work, public policy, nonprofit management, international affairs, public interest law, social entrepreneurship, and more.

Once you register and log in (it’s free!), you will have three ways to learn about each school’s graduate programs and engage with the admissions representatives:

  • Visit a school’s virtual booth to see a list of programs, read their descriptions, and view any other materials they share
  • Participate in the public discussion board by asking a question or sharing your experience
  • Get in line to chat privately with an admissions representative for TBD minutes

The platform is in the Cloud, so there are no plugins, downloads, or clunky software requirements. All you need to participate is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a good internet connection. We recommend that you have the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.

Signing Up
Signing up is easy! Register here.

Don’t forget to upload a photo and a 1-page resume.

Your information will only be shared with schools you’ve expressed an interest in. They will have the ability to download your resume and follow up with you after the fair. Your contact information will not be shared with schools you did not chat with or express interest in.

Here are some steps you can take to prepare for the virtual grad fair:

  • A day or two before the fair, log in and visit participating schools’ virtual booths to learn about their programs. Create a list of schools that interest you and visit their websites for more information. Researching participating schools and familiarizing yourself with their programs beforehand will help you make the most of your time at the fair.
  • Come up with questions and type them in a digital notepad or word document before the fair. Have these at the ready so that you can simply cut-and-paste your questions during the fair (instead of spending your precious minutes typing). Remember, you only have TBD minutes to privately chat with a representative!
  • To follow up with participating recruiters and representatives, please ask them for their contact information during your chat. Don’t forget to ask them if it would be appropriate to get in touch after the event.

What are some good questions to ask recruiters?
Here are some examples of common and and relevant questions to ask:

  • What steps can I take to ensure my application is as competitive as possible?
  • If I am interested in applying, are there any next steps I need to be aware of before I apply?
  • By what date does the school usually notify applicants of a decision?
  • What type of internships/experiential opportunities are offered by your program and who are some of your business/nonprofit placement partners?
  • What is the total cost of tuition?
  • Are interviews part of the application process, and if so, are they usually conducted in-person or done virtually?
  • Can you connect me to some alumni who have attended your program so I can hear about their experience?
  • What career services are available for enrolled students?
  • What is the school’s job placement rate after graduation?
  • What is the average GRE/GMAT/LSAT score of current graduate students?

Are there questions I should NOT ask?
Don’t ask questions about information you can most likely find online. Remember, you only have TBD minutes with a school recruiter. Here are some examples of questions NOT to ask:

  • How are you today? School representatives know that you have limited time and understand the need to skip pleasantries in this particular situation.
  • What degrees does your school offer? To save time, schools have provided this information in their virtual booth.

Following up with schools
After you chat with a school during the event, you will be redirected to a rating screen where you can rate the school, and jot down any notes you have from the chat. We recommend you review your ratings and notes after the fair. All ratings and notes will be stored on your dashboard which you can access anytime during or after the event. For schools you continue to be interested in, increase your chances of being a memorable candidate by following up via email or phone within 48 hours of the fair’s conclusion.

For tech related questions about the virtual platform, please contact Brazen here For all other questions regarding the grad fair, please contact Idealist


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