International Center Diversity Panel 2015

The Education Abroad Office of the International Center along with MESA Trotter conducted a Diversity Panel on Jan. 8, 2015 in order to engage in a dialogue about the experiences of minorities participating in travel abroad programs. They hope to continue this dialogue and to increase the number of minority status students who choose to pursue travel abroad programs during their time as students.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an advising appointment visit their page:…

The panelists in this video are as follows:
Michelle Gonzalez – Former Peace Corps Volunteer
Kinza Ilyas – Former GIEU & LSA International Internship Program Participant
Brenda Duverce – Fulbright Recipient & Studied Abroad in South Africa & Morocco
Katie Collins – Peace Corps Adviser & Former Volunteer

Full biographical information on the panelists can be found here:…

Advising Information on Peace Corps can be found here:…

Lastly, Michelle Jones, the Diplomat in Residence, here at U of M gave further insight and closing remarks. More information about her can be found here:…


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