I’m reaching out with some WorldTeach information to share with your networks, students and graduating seniors interested in international teaching opportunities. I’ve included information below on webinars that we’ve just held, or will hold, so applicants can hear directly from previous volunteer teachers. Teaching experience is not necessary so please share with your contacts who are passionate about international experience, language acquisition, intercultural exchange, service work, TEFL certification, etc. Teaching abroad will undoubtedly provide more learning opportunities and responsibilities than your average entry-level job out of college!

Pacific Islands: Teach English, math, science, history in primary and secondary schools in American Samoa, Marshall Islands & Micronesia. These programs are funded by the ministries of education in each country, covering the teacher’s international airfare, housing, monthly stipend, visa, training, etc. Departs July/August 2015 for one year. Watch a recordedwebinar to learn more from previous volunteers and a field director.

China: Teach English in public middle schools in small cities and rural communities within the Hunan Province. Program is funded by the Hunan Provincial Government, excluding airfare. Departs early August 2015 for one year. Register to attend awebinar on 4/7 to hear from previous volunteer teachers and the field director.

Guyana, Caribbean: Teach English, math or science in secondary schools. Program is subsidized by Guyanese Ministry of Education, reducing volunteer fee to $1690, which provides housing, monthly stipend, visa, health insurance, training, etc. Departs late August 2015 for one year.

Summer Programs: Namibia, China, Costa RicaMicronesia in the Pacific and Haiti – learn more by watching awebinar where we spoke with previous volunteers from each of our summer programs. In Namibia our volunteers teachcomputer skills, while the other countries focus on English, math and science. Summer programs are open to current college students and older; programs depart in June and return in August. Summer programs do not receive funding by in-country partners since volunteers are only in the classroom for a few weeks, so there is a volunteer fee. Read here to learn more about the fee, why you pay it, and how it supports you in country.

Applications are currently being accepted for all of the above programs; application deadlines vary. Visit for additional yearlong and summer teaching opportunities.

Brooke Walis

Director of Recruitment & Communications
One Brattle Square, Suite 550
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
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Mailing Address:
One Brattle Square
Suite 550
Cambridge, MA 02138

Contact Name: Helen Claire Sievers
Telephone Number: (857) 259-6646


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