Environment America

Hiring graduating seniors for Environment America – apply by March 30.

I’m excited to tell you that so far we’ve had tremendous interest in Environment America’s fellowship program for graduating seniors.

Environment America’s fellowship program is a two-year crash course in the nuts and bolts of environmental activism, organizing, advocacy and the kinds of institution-building that can sustain long-term battles.

Emails from professors are one of the top ways that seniors find out about this position, so we are grateful for your help!

Thank you,
Marites Velasquez
Environment America Recruitment Director

Fellowship to Stand Up for the Environment
Your job: tackle the most profound environmental challenges of the day and win meaningful results. Apply now at jobs.environmentamerica.org.

Climate change looms as the most pressing issue of our generation; yet there is enough wind, solar and other pollution-free energy to power the entire nation. It’s not the lack of solutions to solve this challenge; it’s the lack of will from too many of our politicians. That’s why at Environment America we’re running grassroots campaigns to bring people together to convince our leaders to stop pandering to big polluters and climate deniers and start getting behind the solutions.

We’re looking for someone with the passion, commitment, talent, and experience to carry out this mission.

Environment America’s last spring application deadline is Monday, March 30. Learn more and apply today: jobs.environmentamerica.org.

Our mailing address is:
Environment America
218 D St. SE
Washington, DC 20003


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