I am writing on behalf of AIESEC to let you know of international opportunities that students in your department may be interested in. AIESEC is a student-run organization that aims for matching students with international internships. AIESEC offers internships in a variety of fields all over the world, from business-oriented marketing work to volunteer teaching in non-English speaking countries. Programs last from anywhere between 6 weeks to a year and a half.
Here are some ways that students in the past have benefited from AIESEC:
● Easy way to gain “beginner” professional experience
● Paid international internships that can offer potential full time job offers
● Creates leaders in the field they participate in
● Creates international professional networks
We feel that your students will benefit greatly from what AIESEC has to offer. Please feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions you may have and we would be more than willing to also schedule a meeting with you.
Thank you for your time!
Best Regards,
Chris Anderson
External Relations Team
AIESEC at the University of Michigan

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