Benjamin Franklin Travel Grants

What it is: 

The Benjamin Franklin Travel Grant targets outstanding Sophomore, Junior & Senior students who have a specific academic or professional project that they want to accomplish in France (studies, internship, specific visits…) and who are enrolled in an American university in a double major including one major in French.

   – Provides successful candidates with a stipend of $900, to support their travel to France.
– Gives selected candidates the possibility to travel to France according to their academic and professional projects (studies, internship, specific visits…)
– Offers selected students the opportunity to access the network of Benjamin Franklin Alumni.

Eligibility: Candidates must have reached their 18th birthday before departure.

Candidates must be currently enrolled in an American University as sophomore, junior or senior students.

Candidates must be enrolled in a double major program combining a major in French and a major in another discipline in an American University when applying. Consideration will also be given to students enrolled in a minor/certificate in French and majoring in another subject.

Mobility period: 90 days max or, if for more than 90 days, the student is responsible for applying for a visa.

French citizens are not eligible.

  1. Process: 1. Application deadline: March 13th 2015, 12pm (EST)
  2. 2. Selection process : End of March
  3. 3. Publication of results on the website and by e-mail to the laureates : Early April

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