Global Health Symposium

Global Health Symposium
“From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development  Achievements”
February 6-7, 2015
Great Lakes Room, Palmer Commons
100 Washtenaw Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sponsors: Culture of Medicine Club, Program in International and Comparative Studies, International Institute, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Office of Global Public Health – School of Public Health.
Open to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students working on global health
Research registration opens to the general student population on Wednesday, October 29th. General registration opens on Wednesday, November 19th.
For more information, please visit 
Today, the University of Michigan’s Culture of Medicine Club is pleased to announce a
Global Health Symposium: From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development
Achievements to highlight the importance of global health in the Millennium Development Goals
and its probable importance to the Sustainable Development Goals. The event will be held in the
Great Lakes Room of Palmer Commons on February 6th and 7th, 2015.
The United Nations’ agreed Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are set to end in
2015. The MDGs were proposed to bridge the social, economic and health inequalities that exist
between countries. Goals three through six are health-related in nature: promoting gender
equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and
combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other communicable diseases. Collectively, these reinforce
the importance of efficient, affordable and accessible health-systems to improve the lives of
impoverished peoples across the globe. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are set to
follow the MDGs in their effort to continue improving the livelihoods of our world’s most
disadvantaged peoples. The SDGs are presently being negotiated and will be released in late
A major focus of this symposium is to investigate the successes and failures of the MDGs
to educate Michigan students, many of whom will become the next generation of public health
advocates and policy experts.
The event will open with a short student research symposium on Friday, February 6th.
This will be open to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students working on global health
issues. It will then continue with the opening keynote speaker (yet to be determined). On
Saturday, February 7th, the event will conclude with presentations on MDG 4, 5 and 6, followed
by a closing keynote presentation by Dr. Margaret Kruk, the Director of Colombia University
Mailman School of Public Health’s Better Systems Initiative.
Through this symposium we hope to expose U of M students to the challenges of global
health work, along with expert insight on strategies that work. Strategies that can have a
substantial, lasting effect to improve the lives of our global population.
Who we are:
The Culture of Medicine Club (CMC) is a sponsored student organization at the
University of Michigan keen on examining the intricate relationship between culture, bioethics
and healthcare. 

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