CGIS New Summer 2015 Programs Announced!

From Tokyo to Tel Aviv
Our line-up of faculty-led summer programs is in!

Next summer, CGIS faculty will be taking students to 15 field sites all around the world. We’re bringing back some of our highly-acclaimed programs from previous years such as Modern Japanese Literature and German Theater Play Production – and we’re debuting some all-new programs in Detroit, Oaxaca, Rio de Janeiro, and more!

GIEU (Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates) students meet with their cohort and faculty leader throughout the year, then collaborate with a community in a service learning project. This year’s programs include studying sustainability in Amritsar, India and social media marketing with Mexican artists.

GCC (Global Course Connections) students take a course in the winter semester. Then, they travel with their cohort to a field site where they get to study their course topics up close and personal, whether that means collaborating on psychology research with students in Beijing or participating in the Prison Creative Arts Project in Brazil.

Applications will be due on November 5 (for GIEU) and December 15 (for GCC). Stay tuned for more information!


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