CFP: Critical Dialogues on Global Dimensions of Education

Deadline: July 15, 2014

The 2014 Midwestern Regional Conference of the Comparative International Education Society entitled ‘Reimagining Internationalization: Critical Dialogues on Global Dimensions of Education’ will be held from October 10 – 11, 2014 at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Conference highlights include: three half-day methodology workshops; full-day workshop for pre- and in-service teachers; opportunities to publish in two peer-reviewed journals; keynote Speaker: Frances Vavrus, University of Minnesota.

In an increasingly interconnected world, internationalization is a phenomenon affecting every level of learning. At all levels of education, internationalization encourages the incorporation of global perspectives and dimensions. Its wide-ranging impacts are evidenced in fundamental shifts in curriculum, instruction, policy, and administration aimed at educating learners as global citizens.

While internationalization efforts appear to offer many benefits, these efforts and the way in which they are studied need to be critically examined: Do these efforts perpetuate or break down structural, global inequalities? Who benefits? Who is excluded? What assumptions underlie the concept of internationalization? What does it mean to different educational stakeholders? What technologies enhance internationalization opportunities? How does internationalization relate to ideas of global citizenship? What methods and methodological approaches may better help us study these questions? How can internationalization be reimagined within a framework of social justice?

This theme will guide conference participants, including researchers, graduate students,
representatives of global institutions, civil society, and education practitioners, to reimagine the
internationalization of education and inspire new conversations about inequality, development,
policy, and methods as they relate to internationalization.

Call for Proposals and additional information available here.

Please direct questions to


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